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Address:Suite 1708, Gedung BRI II, JI. Jend. Sudirman No. 44-46, Jakarta 10210, Indonesia
Jakarta 10210, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Oct. 18, 2008
Last Updated:Oct. 18, 2008
Business Nature:Service of Mineral, Metals & Materials category

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COSL ( China Oilfield Services Limited) is a leading comprehensive solution provider of integrated oilfield services in offshore China. Our core services are Drilling Services, Well Services, Marine Support and Transportation Services and Geophysical Services, which cover each phase of oil and gas exploration, development and production.

COSL possesses the largest fleet of offshore oilfield services facilities in China, including Asia’ s most advanced 400-feet drilling rig and 8-streamer dual-detector seismic vessel. Our fleet includes 16 drilling rigs, 6 land rigs, 73 supply vessels for various services, 4 oil tankers, 5chemical carriers, 8 seismic vessels, 4 surveying vessels and a vast array of modern facilities and equipment including FET, LWD, and ONTRAK Tools for logging, drilling fluids, directional drilling, cementing, well completion and workover services. COSL’ s relatively completed oilfield service chain can achieve a win-win cooperation between the Company and its clients through single or turnkey services.

As the largest oilfield services provider in offshore China, its service coverage has extended to different countries and regions including North and South America, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Russia. COSL and its worldwide employees are dedicated to provide premier quality services, whilst adhering to health, safety and environmental standards in accordance with international practice. COSL has obtained the ISM ( International Safety Management) Certification and its OSHA Statistic Index record is far lower than the International average. Meanwhile, COSL is establishing and implementing a QHSE management system in line with ISO9000, ISO14000 environmental management standard and the OSHA18000 Occupational Health and Safety standards.

COSL has listed its H shares on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 20 November 2002 ( stock code: 2883) . Since 26 March 2004, COSL’ s stocks can be traded by means of Level 1 unlisted American Depositary Receipts at the OTC market in the United States the ticker symbol CHOLY. COSL also successfully listed its A shares on Shanghai Stock Exchange under the ticker 601808, marking the return of COSL as a blue chip stock to the main capital market of China.

With the drive of “ We Must Do Better” , COSL will endeavor to provide domestic and international clients with safety, quality, efficient and environment-oriented services with an aim to realize a “ win-win” situation for our shareholders, customers, partners and employees. It is steadily making headway towards being one of the world’ s top class oilfield service company.

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